Monday, August 06, 2018

How far can you get in 30 minutes?

Oalley is an interactive map that can tell you how far you can travel within a given time. For example it can visualize on a map everywhere that you can travel to in 30 minutes by car, train or bike (France only) from your current location.

If you enter a location into Oalley, a method of transport and a period of time you can view an isochrone map showing how far you can travel in that time using that mode of transport. The isochrone layer is determined using a number of criteria, including road speed limits, timetables for public transport and the availability of cycle paths, etc.

One neat feature of Oalley is that you can add more than one location to the map. This means that you can view travel time layers for two or more different locations and see where those travel times intersect. So, for example, you could enter a ten minute travel time for your location and for a friend's location and see if there are any locations which are within ten minutes travel of both of you. Alternatively, if you are house hunting, you could enter your work location and the locations of your children's schools to see all the areas which are within a 30 minute drive of both work and schools.

You can see other examples of travel time maps using the isochrone label.

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