Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Hong Kong Land Reclamation

A new interactive map shows how Hong Kong has grown over the last 180 years through a steady process of land reclamation. Land reclamation in mountainous Hong Kong has been an important tool to expand the limited supply of usable land. Over 35% of the area of present day Hong Kong is land which has been reclaimed from the sea.

The History of Land Reclamation is a visualization of how land in Hong Kong has been reclaimed from the sea since the mid-Nineteenth Century. The blue line on the map shows the historic coastline of Hong Kong. The reclaimed land is colored on the map by the date of reclamation. The map also includes a time control slider which allows you to view time reclamation projects in the city by date. If you click on the 'visible layers' menu you can add historical photos of Hong Kong to the interactive map.

You can also explore Hong Kong's ever expanding coastline by exploring the old maps on Hong Kong Historic Maps. This collection of vintage maps of the city includes maps dating from the beginning of the Nineteenth Century. Hong Kong Historic Maps also includes the option to overlay the historic coastlines of Hong Kong on top of the vintage maps. These coastline overlays show the coastline of the city after major reclamation projects throughout the last 180 years.

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