Friday, August 31, 2018

The NFL Maps of the United States

The NFL Shoppers on SeatGeek interactive map shows the most popular NFL team in every U.S. county. Popularity for an NFL team is determined on this map by the number of customers for game tickets on the SeatGeek ticketing website for each football team.

SeatGeek's map is only the latest map of NFL fandom and NFL fans might be interested in  comparing the map with previous efforts to map the geographical fan bases of football teams.

In 2014 Facebook released a NFL American fandom map. The map shows the most 'liked' NFL teams in each county of the USA. The Atlantic has a large image of the map in its Geography of NFL Fandom article. On the Facebook map every county is colored to show the NFL team which has the most likes on the social network.

Earlier this year Google released their own map of NFL fandom. Ahead of Super Bowl 2018 Google Trends created the NFL Playoffs 2018 interactive map, which shows the most searched playoff team in each United States county. Google's map is restricted to show only those teams who reached the playoffs.

Of the two teams in the 2018 Super Bowl the New England Patriots were the most searched team in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island and the eastern part of New York. The Philadelphia Eagles weren't even the most popular team in Pennsylvania. More counties in Pennsylvania seem to support the Pittsburgh Steelers than the Philadelphia Eagles. However the Philadelphia Eagles are the most supported team in the eastern counties in Pennsylvania. They are also the most popular team in New Jersey and Delaware.

Fans of college football will be more interested in the College Football Fan Map from the New York Times. The College Football Fan Map divides the USA into new regions based on the Facebook 'likes' of college football teams. Not content with splitting the US into college football fan regions the Times has also created a map of The Places in America Where College Football Means the Most.

The College Football Fan Map provides a heat-map view of where college football is most popular in America. By selecting a county on the map you can view what percentage of the county's residents are Facebook fans of the different college football teams.

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