Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Saving Half the Planet

The biologist Edward O. Wilson argues that if we conserve half the Earth’s land & sea we will be able to save most of the planet's biodiversity from extinction. His proposal is a simple to understand concept which, if implemented, could save life on planet Earth. The Half-Earth Project was born out of Wilson's proposal to ensure that Earth's biodiversity is saved by protecting half all the planet's land and sea.

In order to better understand how to protect life on our planet the Half-Earth Project has begun to map out the rich biodiversity of life across the globe. They have released an interactive 3D globe which provides a heat-map view of biodiversity across the planet's land. The map provides a guide as to the areas with the richest biodiversity and therefore the areas which are most important to protect from further human development.

You can explore the biodiversity of life on Earth in more detail by scrolling through the map sidebar. This sidebar provides more information about the biodiversity of our planet. It includes a number of highlighted words and phrases which can be selected to view different aspects of biodiversity on the interactive map. It also allows you to view biodiversity richness maps for individual species and the natural areas of the planet that are already protected.

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