Thursday, August 09, 2018

Removing Pollution with Vegetation?

Around 1.4 billion kg of air pollutants are removed by woodlands, plants, grasslands and other vegetation each year in the UK. The amount of air pollution removed from the air where you live is dependent on the amount of local vegetation.

The UK's Office for National Statistics has created an interactive map which allows you to see how much air pollution in your area is absorbed by local vegetation. The map also calculates the amount that this saves in health care costs. If you enter a postcode into the Pollution Removed by Vegetation map you can find out how many kilograms of air pollution was removed by vegetation and how much was saved in health care costs per person by the local vegetation.

Four of the five regions with the least amount of pollution removed by vegetation are in London. The other one is Blackpool. Three out of the five regions where the most pollution is removed by vegetation are in Kent. The other two regions are East Sussex and Breckland & South Norfolk.

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