Wednesday, August 08, 2018

The Population Density of the USA in 3D has created a series of interactive maps to explore the population of the United States and how that population has changed over time. These maps visualize the population density of the United States today and how the population center of the country has shifted during its short history.

3D Population Density of the US is an interactive map which shows the population density of every U.S. county. On this map each county's height is proportional to the number of people per square mile. The map also allows you to view a more refined picture of population density in individual cities by visualizing 2,000 of the largest cities at the individual block level. The data for the map comes from the 2010 census.

The US Population Over Time is an animated map showing the population in counties over time since 1790. The map shows how the population of the country spread westwards as the United States was settled.The map uses data of historic county populations from each census from 1790 to 2010. Beneath the animated map a number of static maps visualize specific major migrations, showing how different parts of the United States were settled.

In Urban Nation: The Rise of the American City an animated map shows the historic population of America's cities since 1790. The map visualizes how the populations of American cities have grown (and shrunk) over time.  Under this animated map is a series of static maps looking more closely at the differences in the urban, city and rural populations in the USA.

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