Saturday, August 25, 2018

The Sexist Streets of Brazil

São Paulo based data visualization company MedidaSP has released an interactive map which colors all of Brasil's streets based on whether they have male or female names. The Gender of (almost) All the Streets of Brazil is an impressive data visualization exposing what is obviously a thoroughly sexist approach to naming roads in Brazil.

All streets named for men are colored blue on the map and all the streets named for women are colored red. A bar plot running down the left-hand side of the map visualizes the percentage of all the roads in the current map view named for men, all those named for women, and those without a gendered place-name. In São Paulo alone of the 70,000 streets in the city only 5,000 have female names, while 27,500 have been named for men.You can move the map to any town or city in Brazil to explore how many roads have been named for men and for women in the selected area.

You can find out more about how the map was made and how the male and female street names were extracted from OpenStreetMap on the map's GitHub page.

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