Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Harry Beck's Live London Tube Map

Mathew Somerville's Live London Tube Map has been tracking the real-time movements of London Underground trains since 2010. It provides an incredible live view of the tube, showing all the network's trains moving in real-time on a map of London.

Over the years the Live London Tube Map has had a few updates. Most significantly it shifted from using the Google Maps API to Leaflet.js. It also now has two new basemaps for you to enjoy. A 'schematic' view allows you to watch tube trains moving around London in real-time on top of Harry Beck's iconic London Underground schematic map. The Live London Tube Map also now has a James Bond themed 'Skyfall' base map. This view mimics the live London tube map seen in the movie Skyfall.

If you enjoy the Live London Tube Map then you might also like Mathew's other live real-time maps, the Live London Bus Map and the epic real-time map all UK Train Times. If you want to see trains moving in real-time in other cities then you should have a browse through the hundreds of real-time maps listed under the Maps Mania real-time tag.

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