Monday, January 07, 2019

America's Million Dollar Neighborhoods

3.65% of American homes now cost more than one million dollars. You can find out where America's most expensive homes are located on the Million Dollar Neighborhoods map.

This interactive map uses data from Trulia to show neighborhoods where the median house price has exceeded $1 million. The map uses different shades of blue to show which year the median house price in the neighborhood exceeded a million dollars. Green is used to show the neighborhoods where the median house price has not yet exceeded one million dollars.

Six of the top ten neighborhoods, with the highest concentration of million dollar homes, can be found in California. The other four are Seattle, Honolulu, Long Island and New York.

If you want a nationwide view of where America's most expensive real-estate exists then you can refer to Metrocosm's Average House Price by County 3D map. This map uses data from Zillow (from 2016) to show the average house price by square foot at the county level. The taller a county is displayed on the map then the higher the cost of property in that area.

If you are interested in where Americans earn the most then you might also be interested in Bloomberg's map of America's high earners. Using data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey Bloomberg has mapped out the neighborhoods which are attracting America's highest earners.

Americans Earning Over $200,000 Are Flocking to These Neighborhoods includes a map showing the concentration of households earning $200,000 or more in each county. Bloomberg has also mapped the 100 neighborhoods which have seem the highest growth in high earners since 2000.

The census tract which has seen the highest growth of households earning at least $200,000 is in Cook County, Illinois. Four of the top ten census tracts showing an increase in high earners are in commuting distance of Washington DC. According to Bloomberg in some of these areas "around half of households earn more than $200,000".

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