Thursday, January 03, 2019

The OpenLitterMap

I am sure that you are aware of the huge environmental damage being caused to the world's oceans by plastic waste. One way you can try to minimize that damage is by minimizing your use of plastic. The creator of OpenLittterMap believes you can also help to minimize that damage by recording and reporting waste.

The OpenLitterMap is an open mapping application that anyone can use to record and report litter that they find on the streets. If you photograph and report enough litter you might even make it to the OpenLitterMap high score list of most active users or help your county win the OpenLitterMap World Cup.

All the data on litter you contribute to OpenLitterMap becomes free and open data. The OpenLitterMap is working to make this data available to anyone who wants it. Until that data is made downloadable you can always use the map to help organize your local clean-up teams in their efforts to keep our streets beautiful and clear of litter.

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