Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Washington's Environmental Hazards Map

The Washington State Department of Health has released an interactive map which shows details about the environmental and public health risks in every census tract in Washington state.The Washington Tracking Network allows you to see the level of environmental-health hazards across the state and to view local socio-economic details in every census area.

Using the map menu you can select to view from a range of environmental-health hazards on the map. For example you can select to view the levels of diesel pollution or the local risk of lead exposure. When you select an individual environmental-health hazard from the menu the map updates to provide a choropleth view of the selected risk in each census tract area. 

If you click on a census tract on the map you can view demographic information about the local population, such as a breakdown of the tract by race, sex & age and the recent population trend. The map menu will also update to show how the chosen census tract ranks for the displayed environmental-health hazards. This combination of demographic / socio-economic data with local environmental-health hazards allows users of the map to explore which social groups and which areas of the state are most at risk from the different environmental-health hazards.

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