Friday, January 25, 2019

Helsinki in 3D

The 3D Model of Helsinki is about to be updated with new imagery. Currently the city's 3D map is based on satellite imagery from 2015. Over the summer of 2017 an airplane captured 50,000 aerial photographs of the city. Now ten dedicated computers have turned those 50,000 aerial photographs into a new and improved photo realistic 3D model of the city.

The CityGML data of the city's 3D model will be released as open data early in 2019. Currently the 3D Helsinki map is used by Helsinki's urban planners. For example the city is currently running a pilot project to simulate wind speed and direction. This could then be used to model what wind circumstances would be generated by planned new buildings. In the future the city also wants the public to be able to preview planned new buildings in context on 3D Helsinki before they are even built.

You can learn more about the coming improvements to 3D Helsinki, how the map is currently used and the city's future plans for the map at The Best 3D Model in the World Improves with Age.

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