Wednesday, January 23, 2019

The Average Temperature World Map

Following yesterday's beautiful Average Earth from Space 2018 interactive map I went hunting for a map of average temperatures around the world. The trophy I bagged was Temperature Sensei's Temperature and Weather Conditions of the World.

Temperature Sensei's Temperature and Weather Conditions of the World includes a map of the average temperatures in countries around the world. It also includes a series of maps showing the average temperature, precipitation and snowfall in each U.S. state. Greenland is the country with the coldest average annual temperature at -1.44 Fahrenheit. The hottest county I could find was Ghana, with an average yearly temperature of 80.96 degrees.

Surprisingly the average yearly temperature of the USA is a chilly 47.39 Fahrenheit. According to the maps the highest temperature ever recorded in the USA is 134.1 Fahrenheit. The state with the highest average yearly temperature is Florida with a temperature of 70.7 degrees and the state with the lowest average temperature is Alaska at 26.6 Fahrenheit. The wettest state is Louisiana with an average total yearly precipitation of 60.1 inches. New York is the state which receives the most average annual snowfall with a total of 123.8 inches.


Sigognac said...

Interesting, that's quite a difference between Alaska and Greenland.

Anonymous said...

It appears to be showing the average temperature across the *whole* of the USA - which is actually pretty useless for such a large country! Especially when the USA includes Alaska, as the previous commenter pointed out.