Friday, January 04, 2019

The Sound Maps of the the Wild West

Montana State University and Esri have collaborated to map Montana's varied ecosystems. The Sounds of the Wild West takes you on an audio tour of the state's prairies, mountains, parks, rivers and national parks.

The Sounds of the Wild West includes four audio tours in total, Yellowstone National Park, the Crown of the Continent, the High Plains and Upper Missouri. Each ecosystem's tour combines photography with audio recordings of the natural soundscapes. For example in the Yellowstone National Park tour you can listen to waterfalls, geysers, elk calls, wolves and bears. While in the High Plains tour you can hear bird song, bison, coyotes and prairie dogs.

All the sounds featured on The Sounds of the Wild West come from Montana State University’s Acoustic Atlas. The Acoustic Atlas includes over 2,700 natural sound recordings. You can browse these recordings geographically and listen to the recordings on the Acoustic Atlas' own Sound Map.

If you enjoy natural sounds then you will love Cornell University's amazing Wall of Birds map, which features recordings from every surviving bird species in the the world.

The GBIF Soundscape is another interactive map which allows you to  listen to natural sound recordings from across the globe. This map allows you to recreate the soundscapes of different natural environments around the world by creating your own mix of bird and frog songs recorded at specific different locations.

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