Thursday, January 24, 2019

Who's Listening to Hikaru Utadu?

#HikaruUtada #(Songs) is an interactive globe which is tracking where people are listening to and commenting on the music of Hikaru Utada around the world. Hikaru Utadu is a Japanese-American singer, who is one of Japan's all time top-selling recording artists.

The success of Hikaru Utada’s latest single 'Face My Fears' can be followed live on this interactive globe. The globe uses 3d bar charts to show how high the song Face my Fears is in the Spotify and Apple Music charts in countries across the globe. If you click on a country on the map you can see how many times the single has been streamed from that country on Spotify and its position in the Apple Music Best chart.

The map also allows you to view the number of times the song has been played on YouTube and view comments being made about the song on Instagram and Twitter. If you select a song from the drop-down menu you can change the map to show the latest news about any of the tracks on Hikura Utadu's latest 4-track CD release as well as the digital single 'Too Proud'.

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