Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Where's Everyone Moving in Holland?

Relocations 2017 is an interactive map which shows where people relocated to & from in the Netherlands during 2017. The map uses data from Statistics Netherlands to show how many people moved between different Dutch municipalities.

If you hover over a city on the map all the flow lines to and from that city are highlighted on the map, showing where the city's residents relocated to & from in 2017. The thickness of the flow line between two municipalities reflects the number of people who moved between those two areas. When you hover over a town or city an information window also reveals the number of residents who moved out of the city and the number of residents who relocated to the city in 2017.

The map itself created with flowmap.blue, a simple to use tool for creating flow maps. To create a flow map with flowmap.blue you just need to have some origin-destination data in a Google Spreadsheet. Then to create your map you simply append your spreadsheet key to the flowmap.blue URL.

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