Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The Amsterdam Tree Map

Amsterdam is one of Europe's greenest cities. There are around 400,000 trees in Amsterdam. Around 75,000 of those trees are elm trees. You can see the location of all those elm trees and Amsterdam's other trees on the city's Tree Map. The City of Amsterdam's Tree Map is an interactive map of the trees maintained by the city authorities. The map shows the location, the height and the species of all Amsterdam's public trees.

The trees shown on the interactive map are color-coded by species. The map also includes a legend which allows you to select to view individual species of trees on the map or a combination of species at the same time. If you zoom in on the map the markers become scaled to reflect the height of individual trees. The map legend also includes the total number of trees and the total number of each species of trees which are maintained by the city.

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