Thursday, January 10, 2019

Mapping Superdiveristy

Superdiversity is a new website exploring the rise of super-diverse cities around the world. A number of major cities have populations which are approaching 'majority-minority' status, where the percentage of people who are minorities is greater than the majority ethnic/racial population.

Vancouver, Sydney and Auckland are three cities which have populations of whom around 40% were born overseas. Superdiversity uses these three cities to explore the relationship between diversity and socio-economic outcomes. The site uses a number of clever data visualizations in this exploration of each city's diversity and how this relates to and affects local socio-economic opportunities and outcomes.

One of these clever data visualizations is a superb interactive map. This map allows you to view simple choropleth visualizations showing the location of each city's minority populations. However the map also allows you to view a series of bivariate choropleth maps for each city, which provide an insight into five different types of diversity. You can select any two of these five variables to see both visualized as a bivariate choropleth map. These variables allow you to view the degree of correlation between two different types of diversity in different neighborhoods of the selected city.

If you are interested in learning more about bivariate choropleth maps and how to make them you should refer to Joshua Stevens' Bivariate Choropleth Maps: A How-to Guide.

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