Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where is the Path?

Where is the Path

Despite the introduction of walking directions to Google Maps sometimes you still need to look elsewhere. In the UK Google Maps are still not mapping public footpaths. That is why I frequently use Where is the Path, which displays Google Maps alongside the corresponding Ordnance Survey Maps.

Today I am going to take a steam train from Royal Tunbridge Wells to Groombridge, in the south of England, and then hopefully walk back on public footpaths to Royal Tunbridge Wells. Google Maps walking directions suggests I take a long detour and walk along some very busy roads whilst ignoring the very attractive and more direct public footpaths to my destination. Luckily I can use Where is the Path to find those public footpaths. Where is the Path have now added the Google Earth Browser plug-in so I can also scope out the route using Google Earth's added functionality.

Where Google Maps comes into its own however is in searching for points of interest along my route. Where is the Path has shown me the public footpaths and Google Maps has highlighted a stone age settlement and a couple of attractive pubs on the route. The weather forecast for this area of Kent today is frequent showers. Thanks to Google I will probably be spending the better part of the day in The Beacon Bar & Restaurant or if the weather is fine I will be getting my rocks off (which I presume is what you do in a stone age settlement).

The video below demonstrates Where is the Path's new Google Earth browser option:

Via: Mapperz and Ogle Earth
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