Monday, August 11, 2008

TV Dinners Served on a Google Map

The Suggestr (dead link removed)

The Suggestr, a suggestion site for restaurants and hotels built around Google Maps and user reviews, has two maps based on TV Shows.

Channel 4 Big British Food Map (dead link removed)

This food map for British television station Channel 4 is a user submitted map of interesting places to eat. The idea behind the map is that viewers will share their favourite eating places with other Channel 4 viewers.

Channel 4 reporter Andrew Webb will then travel around Britain visiting many of the places suggested. Each week he’ll travel to a different county, in search of the interesting places and great food that Channel 4's viewers have recommended. He will then report back on his travels on the Channel 4 website.

Everyone who adds a recommendation to the Big British Food Map could be in with a chance of winning a fabulous hamper of food worth £100. Channel 4 will be giving away one hamper a month to a contributor until November 2008.

Via: Mapperz
screenshot of Ueatcheap
OK, this map is not related to a television show but I love the idea for this Google Map mash-up. is a website for people to find places to eat for $10 or less a person.

Ueatcheap can help you locate places to eat on a budget in your area. With Ueatcheap, you can locate places to eat for $10 or less, add new restaurants and reviews and automatically receive up-dates of new restaurants in your neighbourhood.

To search the map you choose your location, the type of restaurant you are interested in and define the distance you are willing to travel. Ueatcheap then tags all the restaurants that match your criteria on a Google Map.

Opening Times
screen shot of opening times
Of course if you want a real TV dinner you'll need to visit a supermarket. And if you live in the UK that task has just got easier thanks to Opening Times.

Opening Times is a Google Map mash-up of UK supermarket opening times. To search for the opening times of supermarkets you simply enter your post code or allow Opening Times to access your Fire Eagle account. The opening times of supermarkets near you are then returned and the supermarkets are tagged on a Google Map. The supermarkets that are currently open are tagged in green and those that are closed are tagged in red.

Opening Times are planning to add chemists and pharmacy opening times to their site soon and also have long term plans to open the data up to Wiki style editing.

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