Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Unlit Tour on Google Maps

Orange Unlit Tour (dead link removed)

Over the last two years Unlit has toured the USA and the UK. The tour consists of free gigs which are open to anyone and take place in volunteer’s homes. The support acts on the tour are bands and acts who have become involved via MySpace.

Central to the tour is a Google Map mash-up which serves as a tour hub for singer-songwriter Jont and his sidekick film-maker Dave. The map uses the flash version of the API and pulls together videos from YouTube, photos from Flickr, updates from Twitter as well as blog posts.

Using the Flash version of the map API means that Unlit are able to include an animated welcome to the map and to customise the map controls. The map also includes a useful help window with tips on how to use the map.


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