Monday, August 11, 2008

Google Maps Classic

Quite a few users of the Google Maps Discussion Group (dead link removed) have been unhappy with some of the features dropped when Google Maps was redesigned a couple of weeks ago.

screen shot of Google Maps old style

For those users, and anybody who just wants to experience the web as it used to be, you can still access Google Maps with most of the original functions here.



Anonymous said...

maybe they disable some of those features because they are working on some cooler ones instead

Neshama said...

This is frustrating, I used to use google maps to find the various places I needed to and now I am at a loss. The new version is awful. Why do the think it is only for drivers?

Anonymous said...

No, this link doe snot go to a usable copy of the old google maps. It just goes to the same page I've been pullin gmy hair out over.