Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New York Google Maps Round-Up (8/2008)

Celebrity Owned Bars and Restaurants
screen shot of celebrity restaurants map
Everybody knows that the best chefs are actors and musicians. Now if you are in New York and you fancy an overpriced burger you can quickly find a restaurant with's Celebrity Bars and Restaurants map.

The restaurants are tagged on the map with photographs of the celebrities and I'm sure the restaurants themselves are liberally splattered with images of their owners. Not that I'm suggesting that Justin Timberlake doesn't cook the best southern fried chicken in New York.

Unfortunately the map doesn't seem to include Steve Guttenberg's Steak House:

See more Steve_Guttenberg videos at Funny or Die

screen shot of Diaroogle
Any connection between this map and the previous map is purely coincidental. Diaroogle is a community submitted map of Manhattan toilets. The site says that is is for "the discerning, on-the-go defecator who is brave enough to use a public bathroom, but still demands a hygienic and private bathroom experience."

Each mapped toilet tends to come with a general report on its cleanliness and occupancy levels. You can search the map by address, cross street, zip, Manhattan neighbourhood, landmark or park and probably most usefully can access the map from a mobile phone.

Best Parking
screen shot of best parking map
Apparently New York celebrity restaurants don't come with celebrity valets so you may need the Best Parking map. The map helps drivers to find parking garages and lots, compare daily and monthly rates, and book "Reservations" and/or "Rate Guarantees" at participating facilities.

A search facility allows you to narrow your search to a particular New York City (Manhattan) neighbourhood or address and then view the best parking deals on both a map and a sortable list.

Best Parking is also available in Boston,DC and Philly.

PrimoSpot (dead link removed)
primo spot map
Primo Spot is a map of free on-street parking spots in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The map markers are colour coded:
  • The green marked spots have the longest time remaining on them
  • Red spots are about to run out.
  • The black markers indicate the spot has no parking any time, no standing, or is for commercial vehicles only.

StoopSales (dead link removed)
screen shot of stoopsales
StoopSales is a Google Map mash-up of all the moving out, fund-raising and spring cleaning sales in Brooklyn. It is possible to search the sales by time of day, date, and neighbourhood. Registered users can post their own sales, with photos.


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