Sunday, August 03, 2008

New Look For Google Maps Mania

Regular readers of Google Maps Mania will notice that the blog has undergone a redesign.

This is the first part of a two part change to the design. For the next change to the look of the site I hope to find a better way of presenting the links in the right hand column. As you can see, Google Maps Mania has hundreds of links to wonderful examples of Google Maps mash-ups.

I want to keep the links but hope to organise them so that they take up less space. One solution might be to have the links only appear when you click on a links heading.

I haven't finally decided on a solution to the links problem but I hope you like today's new look. If you don't like the new look or you find any issues with the redesign feel free to leave a comment. I am open to the idea of improvements and have the old design saved so can even revert to the original Google Maps Mania livery.


Unknown said...

It's fine, but I would just change the color from puke-yellow to, well, anything else :)

Anonymous said...

Seconded.. anything but the nice shade of bile you've chosen would be nice. Except pink. Never choose pink.

Keir Clarke said...

I see a pattern emerging here. I've changed the colour to what I hope is a more pleasing shade of blue.

Anonymous said...

Like your blog, but not your redesign. This swimming-pool green is a pain for my eyes 8-)
Please, make a "recoloration" - thanks!

Anonymous said...

as web designer and 15 years in graphic design, PLEASE do not use this design! the older one was much more visually appealing.
why are you using these colors anyway? and why are you redesigning in the first place?

Keir Clarke said...

@ Anonynmous at 4.53
Mostly the new design was prompted by a desire to move away from the generic blogger template that the site used in the past. As I said if the new redesign proves hugely unpopular I might move back to the old design.

Egyptmapper said...

Hi Keir, perhaps you start first with very limeted changes in the existing old design. I know that the given blogger templates are a little bit boring and worn out, but the old design is connected with GoogleMapsMania - a corporate identity.

Anonymous said...

It was easier on the eyes when the background was dark, but some new colors would be nice.

Anonymous said...

i'd like the archive of recent headers in the right hand rail. Scrolling down is so tedious.

Blue ok but nothing wrong with old scheme other than the rails carried over and printing one item used 4 sheets for the excess rail lengths.

Good luck.