Monday, August 04, 2008

New Scandanavian Google Maps Mash-Ups

Berlingske Tidende (dead link removed)

Berlingske Tidende is a Danish newspaper that has produced a good example of an interactive crime map. Readers of the newspaper are able to tag crimes on the map and detail how well the police respond to the crime. Since launching in May over seventy crimes have been added to the map.

The newspaper uses the map not only to map crimes in Denmark but as a source of news stories for the newspaper and two full-time reporters are assigned to the project. Although the paper stress that they are only reporting what their readers tell them they also say that "our journalists read through all the reports to check their credibility."

Korrespondenterna (dead link removed)
screenshot of korrespondentera
From Sweden comes this foreign correspondents map from Sveriges Television. With the map it is possible to locate the base country of each of the television channel's foreign correspondents. The correspondents' locations are tagged on the map and each tag contains a photograph of the reporter.

Huspriser (dead link removed)

Huspriser is a searchable database of real estate in Norway. With the map it is possible to search for properties by region. The results of a search are returned with the properties tagged on a Google Map and listed in descending order of price above the map. is a simple but effective Finnish flights and aviation site that uses Google Maps to show all official airports in Finland. All the airports' locations are tagged on a Google Map and are also listed in a sidebar beside the map.


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