Friday, August 08, 2008

Friday Fun With Google Maps

A Round of Golf (dead link removed)

This is fun! have released a game of golf that is played on Google Maps. The game is played on the satellite imagery of Sycamore Hills Golf Club on Google Maps.

Anyone who has played a golf computer game before will be familiar with the controls. You are able to choose a club for each shot. To hit the ball there is a reaction meter that you have to time for the strength of your shot and then again to release the ball.

I think have come up with a winner with this game engine for Google Maps. They should be inundated with requests from golf courses asking them to build a customised version for their websites.

Neighbours (dead link removed)

Did you know that the five famous actors / singers in the picture above all used to be 'neighbours' in the same small street in Australia? In fact before they were famous in the US they all lived in adjacent houses in the one road. Now what are the chances of that?

Here is a map of that road: Ramsay Street.

That's Another Fine Mess

These stairs are not the most interesting of street views but it was the location for the steps scene in Laurel and Hardy's 'The Music Box'. Which is good enough for me.

Whilst we are looking at street view who wouldn't love to see a street view of a kangaroo?


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