Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Messing About on the Water

Geowake Marina (dead link removed)

Geowake Marina is a nautical mapping service that let's you display nav-aids and much more on your website - including buoys, lights, beacons, markers, and NOAA charts. For example, National Harbor Marina a five-star luxury resort marina located near Washington, DC hired Geowake LLC to create an interactive map for boaters travelling to the new marina.

The Google Map that Geowake created contains a number of selectable map layers. It is therefore possible to view the location of navigation aids, to view an approach chart and/or to get weather and tide information. The map is obviously a great aid for anyone planning to sail in the Marina.

DockMarket (dead link removed)

DockMarket is a Google Maps real-estate mash-up, only this time the real-estate are not houses but boat slips. I think this is a great idea for a Google Maps mash-up. As DockMarket says itself, boaters know maps and I know a number of boaters are like me and always on the look out for cheaper and better placed moorings.

The map itself is very easy to use. You just type in a location in the search box and DockMarket searches for available boat slips near by. Of course you can use DockMarket not only to find boat slips but to list a slip for sale as well.

Google Gadgets for Tides
Jennifer Pells has a Google Map on her website that shows the tide timetables for what seems like most of the US coastline.

Each location that has a timetable is tagged on the map. The information window of each tag displays a Google Gadget of the tide timetable for that location. It is therefore possible to check the tides at each location and/or add the Google Gadget from that tag to your iGoogle page.

Dave Wilkie Train and Ship Photographs

This Google Maps mash-up presents a gallery of photographs, mostly taken by the late Dave Wilkie. The different photographs can be accessed by their tags on the map or it is possible to just flick through the collection using forward and back buttons.

The attraction of this mash-up is, of course, the amazing photography on show.


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