Friday, August 08, 2008

The True China on Google Maps (dead link removed) shows news from the Chinese media translated and geo-tagged on a Google Map. In this way the site hopes to become a bridge for western people to the real subjects and topics that the Chinese talk about everyday. argues that the news we read from China has been 'filtered' and 'massaged' by international media companies or the Chinese government. Therefore they have developed a translation algorithm built on the Google Language API to translate Chinese news into English without any interference or spin.

The map itself shows the news headlines in a sidebar. It is possible to click on the headlines or one of the mapped tags. This opens up an information window that contains a photograph and a link to the full news story translated into English. The news itself can be filtered into 'Most Recent', 'Most Recommended' or 'Most Commented'. certainly does provide another insight into the news from China. So if you want to know what the Chinese really think about the Beijing Olympics then give a visit.


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Romulus said...

ITYM "what the Chinese government wants the Chinese people to think about the Beijing Olympics". Or anything else.