Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Gas Price Google Maps

Apparently because of the cost of gasoline everybody is walking nowadays. However, if you do need to drive, being able to find the cheapest gasoline would sure be useful. That is where Google Maps can help ...

Donde Repostar Gasolina
screen shot of Donde Repostar Gasolina
This Google Map will find the cheapest gas stations for locations in Spain. The map has a search engine so you can search for any location in the country and the results are then tagged on a Google Map. Clicking on a tag reveals the current price for gas at that gas station. The prices are all scraped from the website of the Ministry of Industry so should be very accurate.

Wow Gas
Wow Gas lists gas prices for those who live in the Bay Area of the US. The prices are listed in a table format and it is possible to sort the list by price. When you find the cheapest station it is then possible to click on a link to find its location on a Google Map.

Drive Pricing
screen shot of Drive Pricing
Drive Pricing is a Google Map mash-up that lets you work out the gasoline cost for a planned journey. To calculate the gas cost of a journey you simply enter your starting location, the location of your destination and the miles per gallon of your vehicle.

After you have entered your details Drive Pricing works out a route for your journey, the distance of the journey and the estimated gasoline cost based on current gasoline prices.

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Gary Shell said...

This one assumes the price of gas ONLY in the zipcode you enter. I remember seeing one that used prices along the way and asked the MPG of your car and size of the tank so it could figure refuling prices along the way. Anyone remember that one???


Anonymous said...

The one I know of is That one sounds like the one Gary described.

Unknown said... is the best I know of, & there's also's map.

PS- HINT: use the lowest grade octane & don't idle your car unless it's old & won't run otherwise.