Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pay to Have Your Logo on Google Maps

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Google have today announced that companies can pay to place their logo on Google Maps. Only they didn't quite announce it like that.

The Official Google Australia Blog claims that the move is designed to help you navigate Google Maps,

"These easily recognisable logos more closely depict online what the offline world looks like, so next time you're trying to find your way on the map you can navigate more easily using these icons as landmarks."

However, the main purpose of these logos is obviously not to be a navigational aide. If the aim was to improve navigation then businesses wouldn't need to cough up some cash to have their logos appear on Google Maps.

I have no problems with Google using Google Maps as an interactive billboard. Certainly a lot of businesses will benefit by having the locations of their outlets be more easily seen on Google Maps (conversely businesses that can't afford to advertise on Google Maps may suffer).

Just don't try to claim the move is designed to be a navigational aide.

I'd be interested to hear what regular users of Google Maps think of this move. Please give your feedback via the comments below.

Via: Official Google Australia Blog

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