Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Street View Marketing Campaign

Alfa Giulietta Virtual Ownership

Alfa Romeo have come up with an ingenious marketing website to promote the Alfa Giulietta. The site uses Google Maps Street View to let you see how the car would look if it was parked outside your house (I've used the Arc de Triomphe in my screenshot as that's where I now live).

To create your own virtual postcard you just need to enter your address, select the colour of Alfa Giulietta and you will be presented with your virtual driveway. You can also adjust the size of the car and rotate its angle.

Your virtual postcard comes with a unique URL and with the option to post it to Facebook or Twitter.


Now one from the archives ...

Shelter - Bling Your House

UK housing charity Shelter have created this amazing Street View site that lets you decorate your house with some Christmas bling. Once you enter your postcode and find your house you can choose from a number of Christmas decorations to give your house that Christmas glow.

Once you have finished you can then share your creation via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail. The site has been created to remind you that no-one should be homeless at Christmas - so once you have created your decorated house please remember to give generously to Shelter.


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