Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Find Your Car With Google Maps

Where is My Car?

This mobile application has one simple but effective feature, it allows you to save a location in Google Maps. So for example, when you park your car you can find your way back to it's exact location. Or, imagine you have checked into a hotel in an unfamiliar city, you can store the hotel's location and always be able to find your way back no matter where you wander.

To store a location all you need to do is visit the site in your mobile browser. A draggable red marker will show your current location. You can drag the marker around to change the location and when you have pinpointed the location you wish to save just bookmark the map.

You now have a saved location. Any time you open the map now you will see two markers, one showing your current location and one showing your saved location. You can even click on your saved location map marker and get walking or driving directions to it from your current location.

Where is my Car? for mobile phones


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