Saturday, March 13, 2010

Find a Place to Meet on Google Maps


Mezzoman, the Google Maps mashup that helps you to find places to meet friends and / or business associates has a fresh new design and a new way to calculate your meeting point.

Mezzoman's new algorithm follows roads and avoids water and other places you probably wouldn't want to meet and can work out the optimum meeting point for three people. To use Mezzoman just enter two or three addresses and a search term (like Sushi) and press 'Mezzoman Go'.

Mezzoman will then show you the midpoint between the two (or three) addresses and venues where you can meet. The new Mezzoman includes a favoriting system that easily allows a user to store their favorite places to meet. The site has also integrated with Twitter and Facebook to help make sharing your places to meet much easier.


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