Monday, March 15, 2010

The Rings of Saturn on Google Maps


Litmap is a Google Map that shows the locations in The Rings of Saturn: An English Pilgrimage by W.G. Sebald. The map was created by Barbara L Hui in conjunction with writing her dissertation Narrative Networks: Mapping Literature at the Turn of the 21st Century.

Hui argues that in in The Rings of Saturn, Sebald illustrates a spatialised view of history that sees the local as globally defined. Mapping the text therefore helps to create new knowledge about the kind of spatiality that is at work in the text on a narrative level.

The map side panel lists the 'lexia', in which place names are mentioned in the book. These places are then plotted on the map. The narrator's walking tour in The Rings of Saturn is mapped in red on the map. The orange lines on the map denote the trajectory of Joseph Conrad’s life, which is described in Chapter V of The Rings of Saturn.

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