Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bike Routes for the UK


Last week Google released cycle directions for the USA. If you live in the UK and you can't wait for the release of Google Maps cycle routes for the country you should check out CycleStreets instead.

I was lucky enough to see a great presentation by the creators of CycleStreets last week at WhereCampEU. I was very impressed with their bike directions website and with the passion CycleStreets have for providing a useful and accurate UK-wide cycle journey planner system.

CycleStreets allows you to plan routes by bike and caters for the needs of both confident and less confident cyclists. Once you enter your starting point and destination into the route planner you can choose between the fastest route, a balanced route or the quietest route.

You can choose to view the selected route on OpenCycleMap or Google Maps and you can view each leg of the journey in Google Maps Street View. CycleStreets also provides you with an elevation chart of your journey , detailed step by step directions and an estimated time for the journey.


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Mapperz said...

CycleStreets used Open Street Map Data for cycle directions but can be overlayed on Google Maps

more on that here

Agree very well put together.