Thursday, March 25, 2010

Down Memory Lane with Street View

A Childhood Walk

ZeFrank's 'A Childhood Walk' has been given some much deserved publicity recently.

For the project Ze asked his readers to recreate a childhood walk in Google Maps Street View. He then put together a collection of the responses superimposed on top of the appropriate Street View image.

The exercise is very effective and seems to have touched the nostalgic yearnings in a lot of readers. So much so that the exercise has now been taken up by a lot of other websites.

Street View & Augmented Memory

Tiger Stadium, Detroit

Teacher Rodd Lucier has taken an emotional ride through his childhood in Street View. In this blog post Rod explores his memories and illustrates each of them with screenshots taken from Google Maps Street View.

Rod has also put together a collection of other websites and blogs that have created their own memory maps revisiting their childhood haunts with Street View.

Half an Hour - Here is Where I Grew Up

Stephen Downes uses Street View to illustrate his recollections of growing up in Metcalfe, Ontario. Here's a little excerpt,

"The store on the right with the Coke sign was Anna's Confectionary ... I really liked Anna and she once let me in the back to see her house, which looked like it was from the 1880s). After Anne died it became Metcalfe Pizza and a new coat of paint covered the spray-painted (no doubt by a customer) "Anne's" on the side."

My Childhood Community
Doug Peterson's memories of Clinton, Ontario.

A Walk Down Memory Lane
Megan Palevich took a virtual journey with her mother through Fair Haven, New Jersey. In this blog post she shares some of her childhood memories. Megan even produced this video of her trip down memory lane,

An Idea That Keeps Growing
After writing about his own childhood memories Doug Peterson also spent some time pondering how the idea could be developed. I particular like his idea for producing a comic of your virtual journey.


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