Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ski Journey Planner with Google Maps


Zoombu Ski is a journey planner that uses Google Maps to help find the best way for UK residents to travel to a ski resort or chalet in the French Alps. Zoombu searches and compares flights, Eurostar trains, coaches, trains and driving options to help find the cheapest, fastest or greenest way to travel.

To carry out a search in Zoombu enter your starting address, destination and dates of travel. Zoombu then returns results based on thousands of route options across different modes of transport and shows your route on a Google Map.

The fastest, cheapest and greenest options are highlighted at the top of the map. If you select any of the returned results you can view the route of that journey on a Google Map. Once you have chosen your route select 'book' and you will be redirected to a website where you can book your journey.

Hat-tip: Mapperz


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