Monday, March 22, 2010

Virtual Exercising with Google Maps


RunSaturday is a website to find and share your hiking, jogging and biking routes. Like all the best route and trail sharing sites RunSaturday uses Google Maps to allow you to browse the world for tracks and routes near your location.

RunSaturday allows you to view individual routes on a dedicated Google Map and lets you view a number of graphs, such as elevation charts and pace and heart rate charts. You can also use a wide range of GPS enabled tracking devices and phones to log your routes and upload them to RunSaturday.

For me however the stand out feature of RunSaturday is its use of the Google Earth browser plugin. For many of the routes uploaded to RunSaturday you can actually visualise the trail virtually with Google Earth directly from your browser.

I think this means I can now get all the exercise I need from the comfort of my own home - virtual exercise does count right?


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