Thursday, March 04, 2010

Murder Maps from Around the World

Drab i Danmark 2010

Every map tells its own story. This map of murders in Denmark is happily one of the emptiest crime maps I've seen.

Admittedly the map is only for murders committed this year but the introduction for the map says that there are only around 50 murders a year in Denmark. For a comparison, this New York Time's Homicides Map shows 412 murders last year in New York alone.

The Danish map comes from news site Elstra Bladet. The site uses Google Maps to show the locations of the 7 homicides in the country so far this year. Each map marker contains a link to the main coverage of the killing on the website.

Here are some other comparisons:

The New Orleans Murder Map shows 188 homicides in the city in 2009.

The CrimeReports map for Ottawa shows one homicide in the city so far in 2010.

The LA Times Homicide Map displays 90 murders so far this year.


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Anonymous said...

It's not "the danish" but "the americans"... The number of murders per capita in the US is about 2-4x as high as in typical civilized countries (Western Europe or Canada). In absolut numbers the ranks #5 with 16,204 murders per year, Canada is #30 with 523, Denmark #66 with 56.