Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gangs of London on Google Maps

London Street Gang Maps

The Gangs of London website is using Google My Maps to show the territories of London's street gangs. The site has so far mapped the names and territories of more than one hundred of the capital’s street gangs.

According to the site's creators the maps are made with the help of "those involved or associated to those involved" with gangs, including members, teachers and youth crime workers.

The site features pages for a number of London boroughs. The borough pages take an in depth look at the neighbourhood gangs in each region and most of these pages include a Google My Map showing shaded polygons of gang territories.

I can't help agreeing with The Daily Telegraph (for the first and hopefully the last time in my life) that whilst the site does tend to glamorise street gangs, if you live in London, it is very hard to resist checking out the gangs in your neighbourhood.

Via: The Telegraph


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