Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Australia Flooding Tweets on Google Maps

Tweak the Tweet Queensland Flooding

Tweak the Tweet is a platform that uses Twitter as a two-way communication channel for information during emergencies, crises, and disasters. The platform is using Google Maps to show the latest Tweets about the current flooding crisis in Australia.

There are two Google Maps, Map by Type and Map by Time. Both maps show the latest Tweets that include the hashtag #qldfloods.

Map by Type colour-codes the Tweets by category, including 'photos', 'missing' and 'shelter'. Map by Time categorises the Tweets by how recently they have been posted.

You can donate to the Flood Relief Appeal here.



Virender Ajmani said...
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Virender Ajmani said...

Keir, I just created a Aussie Flood Map. It animates thru latest tweets from Queensland and surrounding areas.