Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Twitter Google Map of Who You Follow

Map My Following

From the same developer as MapMyFollowers comes Map My Following. This new application lets you view on a Google Map the locations of people you follow on Twitter.

The screenshot above represents the geographical distribution of people who I follow on my @KeirClarke Twitter account. As you can see I almost exclusively follow people from northern Europe and the USA. If you come from Italy or Spain it appears you have very little chance of being followed by yours truly on Twitter.

I'm also a little surprised by the geographical distribution of the people I follow in the USA. As I mainly follow people in the geo / tech industries I would have expected to see far more markers on the west coast than on the east coast.

As well as showing a map view of people you follow you can view a word-cloud of 'common friend terms'. You can also click on any of your followers and view a Google Map showing the location of who they follow.


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Editor @ TBPL said...

Nice mashup! I used it to get in touch with my #furthestfollower !