Friday, January 07, 2011

Street View Happy New Year Card

Bonne Annee 2011

Digitas France have created an interactive Happy New Year greetings card with Google Maps Street View.

Using the new Custom Street View Panoramas function of the Google Maps API v3 Digitas France have added their own 3d panoramas to Street View to create a Happy New Year greeting.

The application inserts signs into the custom panoramas to give you clues as to the direction you should take. Follow the clues correctly and you will arrive at the Digitas France greeting pictured above. Digitas France even seem to have created an English language version.

Surprisingly Custom Street View Panoramas haven't proved as popular as I thought they would. Kerken Kijken met Street View is a great example of what can be created with custom Street Views. Kerken Kijken have created seamless links to their own panoramic images of the interiors of churches in a map of Utrecht.


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