Monday, January 17, 2011

Fusion Table Queries on Google Maps

London Teenage Murders 2005-2010

I'm a big fan of Google Fusion Tables and this Google Map of London's teenage murders over the last six years is a great example of the powerful query functions available with Fusion Tables.

The map allows you to view the locations of all of London's teenage murders from 2005 to 2010. You can query the map by year and also by age, gender and cause of death. After each query the Google Map uploads the relevant data from the Fusion Table dynamically.

The application also uses Fusion Tables to list the names of the victims beneath the map. A drop-down menu lets you select from any of the six years. The victims details for the selected year are then displayed below the map.



Art-GIS said...

Hi! it's so cool. if you don't mind. May I get the code? I will create an equal like yours but with my own data.

I tried by my self, but the query did not show in maps.


Unknown said...

Great presentation! I like the way the photos pop up when you target a subset of the data.