Monday, January 31, 2011

UK Launches National Crime Map

A new national crime map has been released by the government in the UK. UK citizens, in England and Wales, can now search this Google Maps application to find what crimes have been committed in their neighbourhoods.

Previously UK police forces have been very reluctant to release the location of crimes beyond local ward level. The new map shows crime mapped to "an anonymous point on or near the road where they occurred." Individual addresses are not pinpointed on the map.

To search for crime in an area users can enter a postcode or an address. The map will then display the crimes committed in a radius of the submitted location. The maps include a pretty neat marker clustering system and the number of crimes are also broken down by category.



protector said...

move in the right direction. If the data becomes more open and point specific, we'll add it to SpotCrime and MylocalCrime.

ryanjo said...

Doesn't work. Entered street address, town & postcode, and does nothing.

Facebook Application Development said...

If the data becomes more open and point specific, it will be more easy for me to share with my friends also.