Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Sunday Best

Give a Minute

My favourite map this week is this very clever campaign from Give a Minute. Using custom map tiles the map features user contributions dynamically loaded as post-it notes on a photograph of a notice board.

Very clever.

Locating the Protests in Cairo

This week has seen a flurry of news maps created to try and keep abreast of the unfolding events in Egypt. Not surprisingly one of the most accomplished of these comes from The New York Times.

Time Shutter

Time Shutter is another great Google Maps based website that allows people to see how cities used to look and how they have changed. Users can upload historical images to the site and browse through the images submitted by others.

Where it Went Down

The television programme Skins seems to be causing a bit of controversy in the USA right now. MTV are helping to push this edgy agenda with this Google Map that allows anyone to "share the places where memories were made - and the scattered pieces of nights you can’t really remember."

The map essentially allows users to boast about their drunken and sexual exploits.


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