Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Revolution Will Be Tweeted


Trendsmap is a great way to keep up with trending topics at different locations around the world.

The site uses Google Maps to show the latest Twitter trends wherever you choose to pan and zoom the map. The site is a great way to keep up with breaking developments and if you zoom into Egypt, or choose to search for the topic #egypt, you can use Trendsmap to keep up with the latest Tweets about the current protests in Cairo and other cities in Egypt.

Egypt Protest Tweets Map

Mibazaar has rolled out a Google Map to show the latest Tweets from the current protests in Egypt.

The Egypt Protest Tweets Map shows the latest tweets tagged with #egypt. The map animates through the latest tweets from the region at an interval of 5 seconds.



Richard Cord said...

Hi Keir,

Could this be used to get people with similar interests tweeting together?
I have created the following map on google for Vinyl Record Clubs in the UK.
As you can see, there is only one record Club in Glasgow at the moment ... poor show. Not being a mapping expert I set things up as best as I could, but I'm struggling to find a way to get people in an area e.g: city to find out about it.
I created the site in response to this BBC article which said "A growing number of music-lovers". Maybe it's just that no-one wants to join a Record Club, but my question is a bigger one;
Can Google Maps + Tweeting be used to meet local people with similar interest... and how would it work?

Richard Cord said...

P.s: That wasn't just for Keir... anyones comments are welcome :)