Friday, January 21, 2011

The Big Blue Marble on Google Maps

Earth Snapshot

Earth Snapshot is a website dedicated to the observation of the Earth. The site posts daily satellite images and provides information on storms, hurricanes, fires and meteorological phenomena.

The website includes a map created with the Google Maps API and satellite images from the Envisat satellite. The map also includes map markers to show the location of the last 100 articles on Earth Snapshot.

The articles take a closer look at the most interesting of the latest satellite images. The map markers are categorised to indicate if the related article concerns the weather, environment or a fire etc.



Romulus said...

i don't see a google map api map anywhere on that site... this is the second time on this blog that has said "this site has a google map", i went to the site, it was nowhere to be found. what gives?

Keir Clarke said...

Actually I said it uses,

"the Google Maps API and satellite images from the Envisat satellite."

- which it does.

Anonymous said...

The map is automatically disabled if the client resolution is less than 1280 pixels (width).