Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Fun with Google Maps

Street View Art

Photographer Michael Wolf is currently exhibiting at the Peurs sur la Ville exhibition at the Monnaie de Paris. His exhibition consists of a series of images collected from Google Street View.

Google API Periodic Table

I love this periodic table of all the Google API's. Not only does it look neat, it is pretty useful as well. Geo developers will be mostly interested in the blue API's, which are all geo related.

More Fun With Google Reviews

Google Maps in the UK is displaying a restaurant at the Houses of Parliament called the 'Cameron David' (David Cameron is the British Prime Minister). If you click on the icon there are a number of reviews. For example this handy guide on how to find the (non-existent) restaurant,

"Difficult to find. For those struggling to find David Cameron, walk towards Thatcher then take a sharp right."

Street View Hunting

Google Sightseeing have been Street View hunting and managed to bag this impressive looking reindeer in Norway.


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