Friday, January 07, 2011

Friday Fun with Google Maps

Russia's Ruined Navy

After the collapse of the USSR, military budgets were slashed and much of the Russian navy was mothballed or scuttled. Rod Edwards has put together this haunting collection of Google Maps satellite images that capture the ruined remains of the Soviet navy.

Google Earth Bike

If you want to lose weight after the holidays you could do worse than plugging your bike into Google Earth. Instrucatables has details explaining how you can make your own Google Earth exercise cycling machine.

OSM / Cloudmade

This is a blog about Google Maps (the clue is in the title). However for Christmas I was lucky enough to be given a one time only exception pass. Which means that I'm allowed to post these three gorgeous Cloudmade / OSM maps (but shush don't tell Google):

Ratio Finder

Wee Places has produced this gorgeous map that shows locations in San Francisco with higher than average check-ins by males and females with Foursquare.

The Envisioning Development Toolkit

This map shows the income demographics and rents in neighborhoods in New York.

@oobr's London Bike Flows

This stunning visualisation of London's Bike Hire scheme displays a time-line of traffic flow at different times of the day and on different days.


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